What Time Does the Walmart Pharmacy Open?

Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart is a general that provides services like medications, home groceries, and other services. Walmart has been providing services all over the world for a long time. Furthermore, it is a multinational pharmacy that provides services to customers at different locations all over the world. When you hear the name ‘Walmart ’, the first thing that comes to mind is the prescription services and the medications it provides. Therefore, it is convenient, efficient, and affordable to buy medications and to get other services from Walmart pharmacy.

The medications present in the Walmart pharmacy are based on generic as well as brand names, so there is an opportunity for the customers to save money as compared to the prices of other pharmacies. Moreover, as Walmart is present in most countries all over the world, the open hours will be different according to the location where the is present. Last but not least, it provides facilities like refilling prescriptions which is an easy and reliable source.

Historical overview of the Walmart Pharmacy:

Sam Walton was the man who had given the idea which became a milestone for the world. Since its opening in 1962, the Walmart store provides services to the customers and builds trust among the people about the store. So the Walmart store was opened in 1962, and the Walmart Pharmacy was opened in 1978, as Walmart acquired other stores such as auto, jewelry, etc.

Walmart Pharmacy Opening Hours

Walmart Pharmacy Hours is found in different locations all over the world, so the opening hours depend upon the location where the person needs services. Generally, Walmart pharmacies open 7 days a week from Monday through Sunday, but the weekend days have a shorter time as compared to the working days. Such as: from Monday through Friday opens from 9AM to 9PM, on Saturday it opens from 9AM to 7PM, and on Sunday it opens from 10AM to 6PM. The table below shows the opening and closing times of the Walmart Pharmacy:


Sunday                                                             10AM-6PM

Monday                                                            9AM-9PM

Tuesday                                                             9AM-9PM

Wednesday                                                       9AM-9PM

Thursday                                                            9AM-9PM

Friday                                                                  9AM-9PM

Saturday                                                             9AM-7PM

How to find Walmart Opening Hours?

Due to changes in hours according to location, the Pharmacy Hours opening and closing hours also change. So, like your location, you can know the exact opening and closing hours. The tools used by Walmart for finding the Walmart hours are Google Maps, Walmart Mobile App, and Walmart Store Location.

Google Map

Google map is a universal service that can provide the exact location of any place which is registered to it. So, Walmart uses Google maps to find the location and you can find the Walmart hours at that place.

Walmart Store Location

The best way to find the opening and closing hours of Walmart is to use of Walmart Store Location.

Walmart Mobile APP

Another best way to find hours of Walmart is the use of the Walmart Mobile APP which provides reliable and up-to-date information.

Walmart: Online Service and Marketplace

Walmart is a big marketplace where you can buy online products such as groceries, medications, automobiles, clothing, etc. Thus, Walmart Pharmacy Hours also provides Walmart Pharmacy Online services medication to its customers. You can visit the Walmart website and can search for your required things and can order them

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