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Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Certification

What is Google Cloud Platform?

You all may not aware of this term before; it is not a site like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Instead, Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud vendor like the competing companies Amazon Web Services AWS and Windows Azure. Clients can use GCP and other cloud vendors to obtain processor power residing in Google’s data centers around the world for unlimited or on compensation grounds. The server provides a variety of computational and storage services ranging from GCP financial management to information management to access online and multimedia delivery over the internet to machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Google Cloud Platform first came into existence in 2008 with the release of a product called App Engine. Google revealed the teaser of Application Servers, a programming device that permitted customers to execute their web services on Google infrastructure, in April 2008. The main aim of App Engine, as per Google, was to “start making it simple, to begin with, such a new online platform, and then simplify the process to expand once that app reaches the level where it’s obtaining massive traffic and has millions of subscribers.”

App Engine was given access to 10,000 programmers to collect the responses needed to enhance this teaser’s official launch. Such early adopters could run applications with 500 MB of space to store, 200 million CPU megacycles each day, and 10 GB of channel capacity per day. Now Google Cloud Platform is considered one of the world’s leading providers of data centers. Google Cloud has provided a vast range for people to use which includes eBay, UPS, The Home Depot, 20th Century Fox, Twitter, etc.

The Infrastructure of GCP

There are presently 24 sites across the world where Google Cloud Platform services are made available as part of Google’s worldwide infrastructure. There are presently 24 sites across the world where Google Cloud Platform services are made available as part of Google’s worldwide infrastructure. There is no possibility of any failure in terms of the zone. Certain services, like the HTTP worldwide web server, are accessible from any Internet center site or zone since they are global resources. Local commodities also include things like storage. For durability, the storage is split up among several zones in an area.

Services of GCP

The services of GCP include;

  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Computing and hosting

What is Google Cloud Certification?

Google Cloud Certification is the performance certification from Google Cloud that assess a person’s ability to use Google Cloud Technology to accomplish a particular task. Every work role’s information, competencies, and talents are evaluated by thoroughly developed, business techniques. Google Cloud certifications enable people to develop in their careers and give workers the assurance they need to assemble highly competent employees.

A systematic investigation is done by the Job Task Analysis JTS that precedes the google cloud certification. A committee of experts in the field determines during the JTA the expertise, qualities, talents, and experience needed of a person to carry out the duties in a particular job function and develops a thorough job requirement. These competencies are covered in the job descriptions and written test exam instructions that are posted on the official website.

A computerized label and certificate are provided once the candidate clears an exam and the candidate’s exam performance is confirmed. Each certificate has a unique code that indicates the person’s place in the list of people who have earned Google Cloud certification, which is increasing daily. Exam guides offer information to applicants preparing for exams and serve as the model for creating test questions. Although we advise candidates to be ready to respond to questions on any topic in an exam guide, we cannot promise that every topic will be covered. You must be prepared yourself by gathering information about the topic in a very detailed manner so that you won’t lack an element while attempting the exam.

The Google Cloud Certificates are valid for two years of duration from the date certificate got issued. For the certification to remain active, applicants annually renew. 90, 60, or 30 days before the certification expiration date, renewal notices are sent.

Final Verdict

In this blog, the difference between Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Certification is made evident. Google Cloud Certification is vital to attain a job at Google Cloud Platform.

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