Amazon Sales Rank Manipulation

Amazon Sales Rank, also identified as BSR (Amazon Best Sellers Rank), is one of Amazon’s most discussed and researched metrics. To be honest, many Amazon sellers struggle to rank their listings. It’s no surprise they have a love-hate relationship with BSR. The Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) essentially determines whether a product is prevalent or not within a special subset.

It appears for every product on Amazon, including those that do not fall into a specific category. The Amazon Sales Rank of an item can be anything from one to more than one million. The lower the level, the higher the sales; conversely, the higher the number, the lower the sales. It determines when your product was last sold in addition to having an optimized product listing. Now, if you want a lower BSR, your sales period should be short as well.

Why is Amazon Sales Rank Important?

As a salesperson, BSR or ASR is important for a variety of reasons. As a newcomer to the e-commerce world, it is a good indicator of whether or not your manufacturer is operating well in comparison to your competitors. It also indicates where you are in the online marketplace. You should preferably have a low BSR score.

In other words, consider this to be your standardized test report card. Does your previous semester’s grade affect the upcoming one? No! They simply show you how you performed previously. And that is precisely what we are doing here. Similarly to your report card, your BSR does not contain any information about future sales. Also, it has nothing to do with your organic sales.

How to Improve It?

  1. Increasing Your Sales

The key is to boost awareness of your product. There are numerous products available on the market, and buyers do not have the time to carefully examine each one. The goal is to make it simple for buyers to locate your products.

Here are two distinct actions you can take to assist your case:

  • Make your products stand out: When fewer merchants are selling the same products as you, competition falls and it becomes easier to rank well in searches. Bundling products is a novel way to accomplish this.
  • Reduce your prices for a limited time: To sell a large number of products quickly, reduce your prices dramatically for a limited time. Continue to monitor your ACoS and ROI to ensure that the price drop can be sustained.

Amazon may not reflect sales resulting from promotional giveaways to prevent suppliers from inflating sales velocity by gaming the system.

  1. Take Home the Buy Box

Every distributor’s goal is to get their products into the “Buy Box” on the product information page. If you don’t win the Buy Box, customers may find your goods in a search and then have to look for your specific offer. This will result in fewer click-throughs and revenues, and your BSR will drop as a result. Large brand businesses typically have no trouble obtaining the Buy Box for their most popular products, but this is a significant issue for local stores.

  1. Competitive Pricing

To compete for the Buy Box, you must be the least expensive listing of your item by a margin of 2%. Your product’s “price” contains shipping, so resist lowering the price of a product while raising the shipping to appear to be the best deal it won’t fool Amazon.

  1. Perfect Your Product Information

When all other variables are equal, the product listing that contains the most detailed product information wins. Your description represents one of the most crucial components. Use all available capacity to include all relevant information: Product Type/Brand, Description/Product Line/Material/Key Ingredients.

  1. Use High-Definition Images

So you’ve done everything right with your product: bulleted key features, affordable pricing, and an expressive description. What else can I say? Well, there is yet another essential factor that can help boost revenue, and that is your “product images.” Regardless of how much work you put into the other portions, if you fail to do this correctly, you will never increase sales. Remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially relevant when it comes to online stores such as Amazon. This is the primary consideration for a potential investor. If you are unable to impress him or her in this area, it will only take a couple of seconds for them to close your product listing and move on.

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